Sharing our opinions of Life in a different way

We hear at Enter The Heart wanted to take time to share our views and opinions on life and things we have come to understand about humanity and how things have all linked together in ways. We chose to find visual and musical ways to express what we agree with and also how we hope to impact even just one individual in our own ways. 

    Because even just that ONE does matter!


You will never know unless you Try

Sharing Our Opinion, Straight from our Hearts

Everything we do in this world leaves a mark...


We are always usually quick to judge whats on the outside....

    we forget that there is a whole different being within. 

     Connect with your hearts.


We are all different, unique, and something odd and crazy enough in our own ways, that combined, can be so powerful in itself, that even we probably wouldnt imagine to be possible. Check out this video with a little more depth of this opinion.


Music and lyrics speak emotion, feeling, souls....

      How do you express yourself...?

Alan Watts- Choice

  Each and every choice we make impacts everything else around us. It is our choices/decisions that we make every single day that determine every single situation that we are in thereafter. 

  We are meant to fall down, slip, make mistakes; The only important important part after we do is the next next choice we make on how we get up, if we get back up, and how we react back to that consequence. 

   And there is not one other person that can answer for your choices.

Love someone...

Love is created from our hearts, pains, truths, the depths of our souls raw and beautiful. It is manifested in creativity, which can be expressed in any possible way. How do you create your love?

The reason

Open yourself enough to feel Love. It is amazing, even though it hurts sometimes. It's a powerful force that can conquer and add to our souls.

    It carries light in darkness, and used to create us.

Calum Scott

Join Humanity. Heart To Heart!

Hope For Humanity

    Sharing our Hopes for this life and every thing in it. Including you.

     Sometimes explanations are easier put in another form. We are all different and unique and even if 99% percent is similar to another or something else, it's that 1% of the unique difference that counts towards a different kind of. beautiful, adding it's own marking into this world. Every single one of us has unique markings and traits and we were created to create into this world with our creator.

    We are linked together as a big blended family, exploring, experiencing, learning, and creating. So everything we do, think, say, etc.... leaves a mark, an impact, and with that it vibrates our other links we are connected with. Be cautious of what you give.