Multifaceted Art and Design Maker Studio


   Enter The Heart is a multifaceted Design Maker Studio redesigning "set categories" and industry labels into it's own mixed creativity. Unlabeled and remaining teachable, Enter The Heart, wants to share its gathered skills bundled under one roof and impact humanity soulfully and creatively. 

   We have a multiplicity of skills combined for whatever your needs may be within the Creative Services Industry.


   Get you to rethink "predetermined" set standards, created by exceptionalists and those who feel inferior and trust and believe in yourself enough to determine for yourselves and gather your own morals, values, beliefs and opinions to remain individual and free.

    Set yourself in creation without total interference of past present and even future opinions and distinguished labels/standards, and commit to your own cause and individualism. 

   We offer some of the best and detail oriented art and design services, that isn't just a cut and paste template used. We Strive to create solutions to your creative project with an expanded skill-set and a desire to go beyond the basics of design and creativity, to meet whatever the needs of our customers may be. Simplifying the process of projects, but creating with an impact left behind. Heart to heart creativity with reliable customer care.

  Check us out for yourself. There is much more to explore within our many skills in one. 

In Depth

Inspire Others

We as a company we hope to add to a universal change/movement. 

  Sometimes just one simple word or expression is all it can take to leave an impact. Expression is everything. 

Making subtle shifts in our language we use to describe something we do or how we do it,  can make a huge difference to every situation. It only take a split second to do it/say it, so it only takes half a millisecond to adjust it.

    We no longer restrict our imagined understanding of certain things, but we become more aware of our processes and the perceived limitations that were just that: Imagined.

Multiple Services

We here at Enter The Heart LLC have a hand full of skills developed that can uphold a unique diversity of creativity to share with you. The creative group works with different mediums that can add a sort of flare to whatever project you want us to create for you. Some of them are, leather, jewelry, acrylic, photo transferring, wood, metal, clay, and more.

  We are really based around you, and what it is that you have in mind and what you can think up. We love collaboration, and working with others to create beautiful masterpieces that fit your hearts soul. We support the free souls, the odd balls, and the light within all of you; to push boundaries, and not conform to the fear, which tends to lead us into a path following behind a guard put up for us most of the time, and not experience our full potentials. 

    Creativity is courageous, it's bold, it's full of possibilities and full of love. Hand craft your hearts and live fully with more love, helping others and more bold creativity.

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