Self freedom


Free yourself from your rational, “need to know”, fear structured minds. Out of “predetermined” set standards, and enter the Heart, where there is unconditional love, power, creativity, and peace. 

Creativity is Defined as....

Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. The created item may be intangible (such as an idea, a scientific theory, a musical composition, or a joke) or a physical object (such as an invention, a literary work, or a painting).  …..

Inspire Others


We as a company we hope to add to a universal change/movement. 

   Sometimes just one simple word or expression is all it can take to leave an impact. Expression is everything. 

Making subtle shifts in our language we use to describe something we do or how we do it,  can make a huge difference to every situation. It only take a split second to do it/say it, so it only takes half a millisecond to adjust it.

     We no longer restrict our imagined understanding of certain things, but we become more aware of our processes and the perceived limitations that were just that: Imagined.

A Little Insight

Multiple Services


We here at Enter The Heart LLC have a hand full of skills developed that can uphold a unique diversity of creativity to share with you. The creative group works with different mediums that can add a sort of flare to whatever project you want us to create for you. Some of them are, leather, jewelry, acrylic, photo transferring, wood, metal, clay, and more.

  We are really based around you, and what it is that you have in mind and what you can think up. We love collaboration, and working with others to create beautiful masterpieces that fit your hearts soul. We support the free souls, the odd balls, and the light within all of you; to push boundaries, and not conform to the fear, which tends to lead us into a path following behind a guard put up for us most of the time, and not experience our full potentials. 

     Creativity is courageous, it's bold, it's full of possibilities and full of love. Hand craft your hearts and live fully with more love, helping others and more bold creativity.

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In the making. Always creating!


Developing change, and inspiring creativity in others. Creating Is in all of us and there are so many ways of doing it. Creativity takes but one thought in an imagination. Our creativity is in the questions, our messups, our growth, our hearts, our love, and our passion. 

     Developing brands, companies and individuals to open the unity of society and mix it up a little. Try it how you see it. Life is definitely not handed to us on a platter exactly how we may want it but who says you can’t try a new way? 

     Developing brands, heart to heart. Supporting and creating for others unique imagination and collaborating with you to express it how it fits with you. We are not set to a specific market of skills artistically, we are a mixed creative studio unbound to one tool, or one form. Just like our hearts, we have many expressions and tune in to trying to understand others in their hearts to come up with something different. Working together forms new originals that stand aside from everything else. 

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